Cinderella - A Pantomime
Written and directed by Steve Falloon

Sunday September 26, 2021 @ 2pm

Auditions at the theatre, 108 Oxford Terrace, Lower Hutt (Level 2 is fine – we’ll all socially distance/mask etc)

Production dates: Wednesday 24 November to Saturday 4 December

Rehearsals will start very early October

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday evenings

(yes, even if still at Level 2)


CINDERELLA                                A young lady with a pure heart.

PRINCE CHARMING                                          A charming prince.

BUTTONS                                         wonderfully funny house boy.

ROSE PETAL                                                 A sweet scullery maid.

PETUNIA                                                           A horrible stepsister.

DAFFODIL                                            Another horrible stepsister.

BARON SHORTCUT                                            Cinderella's father.

BARONESS SHORTCUT   Cinderella’s stepmother. An old cow.

VISCOUNT THEO                          An Italian cousin of the Prince.

VISCOUNT DANDY                        A French Cousin of the Prince.

FAIRY GODMOTHER                          An overactive shooting star.

BLUEBELL                                               A nice kind scullery maid.

Please note that the parts of Petunia and Daffodil, the horrible stepsisters have been cast.

Age ranges / gender etc: hey, it's a panto so, as long as the lovebirds are young and vital, their mates are almost as gorgeous (can't have them outshining the lovebirds) and everyone else is human, alive and kicking, show us what you can do with a fun role.  You’ll need to be prepared to break that fourth wall and chat with the audience but also know when/if that is appropriate.  A bit of singing, a lot of fun.

For enquiries or a copy of the script, please contact Ruth Sarratt on