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30 AUG - 9 SEPT 2017

Author: Elizabeth Coleman

Director: Debbie William


It's the night before the wedding. All the stops are out for this fabulous wedding; the church, the cars, the elegant venue, the lavish wedding breakfast, the European honeymoon, the huge guest list but, a ghastly secret could ruin everything.

From the Director

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Meg’s wedding appears no different to anyone elses. She and her mother and her bridesmaids are staying in a hotel suite the night before the wedding, embarking upon all the girlie things that go on the night before the wedding... BUT... someone has a secret.


This is a play that makes us look at friendship, loyalty and love and how we might react if we were in the same predicament. You, the audience will be asked to look into yourselves and ponder…what would you do?

Rehearsals are well underway and I am absolutely loving working with my two daughters again, plus some old and new faces. This is a delightful thought provoking play that will have you laughing and crying and changing your allegiance to the characters time and time again.

Production Dates


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