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Our doors are always open for new members, whether you have no experience or plenty. We endeavour to put on four productions every year which include drama, comedy and children's shows.  This means we are constantly looking for new members to get involved in the myriad of activities required.  Apart from the obvious requirements for actors, shows need directors, stage managers, set construction crew, backstage crew, lighting, sound, front of house, advertising ... the list is almost endless.  So, if you're thinking of getting involved then there is a place for you at Hutt Rep.

If you would like to join Hutt Repertory Theatre and participate in our productions, either on stage or behind the scenes, please complete the membership form below.


Full membership: $20 

Includes, voting rights and eligibility for committee membership, full participation rights and regular newsletters.

Subscription payments can be made by bank transfer to our Westpac account: 03 0543 0213280 00.


Join the Hutt Repertory Theatre

By submitting this form, the following personal information in support of the processing of my application and authorize its use for this purpose. I agree for it to be retained for the statistical records of the Theatre. This authorisation is given under the terms of the Privacy Act 1993

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