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Hutt Repertory Theatre has been the premier amateur theatre group in the Hutt Valley since 1944 and is still going strong providing quality drama, farce, and children's theatre to the highest standard.  We cater for all age groups to enjoy every facet of theatre from simply coming along to our shows to being actively involved in the production.


We have our own theatre just behind the shops opposite Epuni Railway Station in Lower Hutt.  We endeavour to put on four productions every year which include drama, comedy, and children's shows.  This means we are constantly looking for new members to get involved in the myriad of activities required.  Apart from the obvious requirements for actors, shows need directors, stage managers, set construction crew, back stage crew, lighting, sound, front of house, advertising ... the list is almost endless.  So if you're thinking of getting involved then there is a place for you at Hutt Rep.


President:  Amy Boatman

Vice President:  Rebekah Ward

Secretary:  Christina Hearn

Treasurer:  Brent Foster

Committee Members:  Catherine Kananghinis, Chris Ingram, Stacey Carver, Pauline Prendergast, Max Webb, Lisa Ryan


Please support our sponsors who support Hutt Rep so generously.

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