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‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas by Devon Williamson

Director: Mary Collie-Holmes

Mary Harvey has a family-sized problem that leaves her dreading the first Christmas she must cope alone with the homecoming of her disagreeable daughters – the domineering Stella and self-absorbed Mandy – since the death of her husband.

Complicating any chance of harmonious relations, Stella’s down-trodden husband Desmond is secretly in love with Mandy, while eccentric neighbourhood busybody and conspiracy theorist Ivy can be guaranteed to sling her own spanner into any works.

Then there’s the next-door neighbour, the mysterious French psychologist Jean-Pierre, who has his own problems and responds to Mary’s plea for help in a very eccentric way.

Critics who have seen ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas say: “a comedic tale filled with clever dialogue and hilarious characters that had me giggling, sniggering and chortling out loud throughout.” And "I loved the witty wordplay and ‘lost in translation' moments, the way the dialogue drew me in before landing an uppercut to my frontal lobe – magnifique! And among the laughs are these touchingly thoughtful moments which add contrast and shape the story beautifully."

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