Waiting for God

By Michael Aitkens

Directed by Ruth Sarratt

25 November - 5 December 2020

Growing old disgracefully is an apt description for Hutt Repertory Theatre’s Christmas production of “Waiting for God” by Michael Aitkens.

All the favourite characters from the original TV series are reimagined for 2020.  Battle-axe extraordinaire Diana Trent (played by Jean Howell-Maher) conspires with new resident Tom Ballard (Graeme Carruthers) to make life as difficult as possible for Bayview Retirement Home manager Harvey Baines (Hayden Rogers).  Assistant manager Jane’s (Cathy Leonard) heart longs for Harvey and Tom’s son Geoffrey (Tim Gruar) is repeatedly cuckolded by his wife Marion.  Meanwhile, Diana’s niece Sarah (Frances Carmody) has some interesting news for Diana and a motley crew of additional characters round out the cast.

Director Ruth Sarratt says she loved watching the TV series years ago (and the more recent re-runs) and the issues faced by the various characters are, perhaps, even more relevant today than they were originally.  You are invited to reconnect with these characters and cheer them on anew.  Those unfamiliar with the series will enjoy British comedy at its best, feisty characters facing real situations and preconceptions, battles with “the Establishment” and petty rules, and, maybe, a happy ending.

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